We returned to our activities in CDMX

JJAI’s specialized team is resuming the Monitoring project at CEIPA in Mexico City, two years after the pandemic began, with the aid of the General Directorate of Specialized Attention for Adolescents (DGAEA). In April, a meeting was held with the team to determine follow-up dates and schedule activities. The Mobilize and Empower team delivered supplies […]


We continue to collaborate for better conditions for the youths of Durango State

Through law-based statistics regarding the use and duration of preventive internment, the good figures regarding the completion of measures in freedom and the benefits produced by the projects of the Mobilize and Empower team, regarding the conditions of detention, we now present our Annual Diagnosis of the State of Durango, which comprehends up to the […]

Vista al estado de Chiapas

Our visit to Chiapas State

In order to work more closely with the Chiapas authorities, our executive director, Douglas Keillor, and our national project director, Sarahi García, visited the state and had various activities during their stay. On Monday, April 4, we carried out the presentation of the Annual Diagnosis of the State of Chiapas, at the Chamber of Presidents […]