Part of a successful reintegration is to provide new opportunities for the children who finish their time in the juvenile justice system, which is why Juvenile Justice Advocates International continuously supports the children with workshop materials.

At the CEMEPA detention center in Mexico City the baking workshop is in full swing with more children participating every day. Through this workshop the children receive training in a profession which could later in life become a source of income if they choose to work in a business of this sort, thus improving their quality of life well into adulthood.

We were also invited by the DGAEA Directorate and the Directorate of Technical Support and Outreach to a Youth Rally, where the children from all the detention centers in Mexico City were able to work as a team in different sports events, listen to keynote speeches and demonstrate the musical abilities they have developed while residing in their detention centers.

In a Tochito Bandera tournament they were able to highlight the San Fernando Specialized Attention Center for Adolescents and the Specialized Center for Adolescent Women.

The children from the San Fernando and the female detention centers stood out amongst their peers in a Flag Football tournament. All the children were handed donations of books and a bag of sweets. We are deeply grateful to the DGAEA for the invitation to share a fun time with the children in a healthy and joyful environment.