Our Board of Directors provides oversight and leadership to our organization and our activities. These volunteer members form the foundation of JJAI.

D. Sherwood McKinnis


Sherwood is the managing partner at McKinnis & Doom, P.A. in Cambridge, Minnesota. He specializes in commercial litigation, personal injury & wrongful death, and criminal defense. Sherwood has provided years of leadership to faith-based organizations, churches and non-profits, and has a particular passion for helping vulnerable children.

Matthew Hunt


Matt is the President and founder of StudioPlus Software, LLC, and has years of experience in business, non-profit and church leadership, working on financial planning for small to medium-sized organizations. Matt is the Board Treasurer.

Sarvesh Desai


Sarvesh is an Associate Attorney at DLA Piper LLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His practice focuses on domestic and international business, technology, health care and public-private development. He has worked with emerging companies in venture capital transactions, e-commerce and pro bono work includes representing non-profit as well as asylum applicants. Sarvesh is the Treasurer for NetIP (Network of Indian Professionals) Twin Cities, a non-profit serving to develop a network of South Asian professionals in the region.

Barbara Frey

Barbara is an internationally recognized expert on human rights education and advocacy. She has been the Director of the Human Rights Program at the University of Minnesota since 2001. Barbara is also the former Executive Director of The Advocates for Human Rights, a Minnesota-based non-profit.

Bart Lubow

Bart has spent his professional career fighting for juvenile justice reform. In 1992 he designed and managed the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) for the Annie E. Casey Foundation – the longest-running and most successful juvenile detention reform initiative in the history of the United States. Mr. Lubow frequently speaks to national and international audiences about juvenile detention reform.

Mark Berken

Mr. Berken is the foundation and CEO of Berkitra Supply Chain, a global logistics company. Mark has years of experience working across borders and integrating technology to create sustainable solutions for global clients.

Albino Garcia

Albino Garcia Jr. is the Founder of La Plazita Institute, a grass-roots community organization in Albuquerque, New Mexico that engages young people and their families in a comprehensive, holistic approach to youth and community development. In 1995, Mr. Garcia was awarded the prestigious Kellogg Fellowship, allowing him to travel and meet with leaders including President Jimmy Carter, Rigoberta Menchu Foundation in Guatemala City, Bishop Samuel Ruiz, the Dalai Lama, Parker Palmer, and others. Apache and Chichimeca in origin, Garcia is recognized as an outstanding leader and spiritual activist in Albuquerque, NM. 

Andrea Daniela Martínez

Andrea Martínez was born and raised in Mexico City. She is a Project Manager at CLUES, the largest Latino-led nonprofit organization in Minnesota. Before working at CLUES, she was the Human Trafficking Legal Case Manager at The Advocates for Human Rights. Andrea has a Masters of Human Rights from the University of Minnesota and was a recipient of the Workable World Trust Fellowship, which supports outstanding students committed to global governance. During her studies at the UMN, she was awarded the Grand Challenges Research Scholarship from the Human Rights Lab and the Human Rights Center to work with Mexican NGOs on sustainability and public opinion on human rights issues. Before that, Andrea worked for three years at the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs on projects aimed to assist Mexicans abroad. 

Nikhil Roy

Nikhil Roy is a criminal justice and juvenile justice expert based in London. Mr. Roy previously was the Program Director for Penal Reform International, a United Kingdom-based international nonprofit organization working on criminal justice reform.  Nikhil Roy consults on criminal justice and juvenile justice reforms in Europe, India, and globally.

Penelope Spain

Penelope Spain is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Open City Advocates, a Washington DC-based legal aid organization. As CEO of Open City Advocates and as a court-appointed public defender, she fights every day for youth to be released from secure facilities and to empower them in their own journeys. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University Law Center and serves in leadership positions of various local juvenile justice advisory groups. Previously, Ms. Spain worked as an international elections observer with the Carter Center in Venezuela and Sierra Leone. 

Raquel Mariscal

Raquel Mariscal is a member of the Social Justice and Well-being Team at the W. Haywood Burns Institute. She previously worked at the Annie E. Casey Foundation as the Senior Associate for Juvenile Justice Reform. Ms. Mariscal has dedicated her career to ensuring justice for youth in the criminal justice system and reducing racial and ethnic disparities in jurisdictions across the United States.

Victor Herrero Escrich

Victor Herrero has dedicated his professional life to criminal law of both adults and youth, the management of Social Services and to international cooperation, mainly in penitentiary and juvenile justice matters. He has worked for Spain’s Ministry of Justice, served as a director and coordinator of different government commissions, and as vice president of the Aiding Association for Drug Addicts (ARAD in Spanish). His international experience includes collaborations with the European Union, USAID, the Kingdom of Spain, and many global organizations such as UNICEF, PNUD and UNODC. Currently Mr. Herrero is a consultant for Terre des hommes Lausanne, a Swiss foundation working to improve the respect for children’s rights globally, and was the main collaborator during the drafting of the Iberoamerican Declaration of Juvenile Justice.