Specialized Courses for
Juvenile Justice Officials

The following trainings are provided by JJAI, either at your youth facility or in Mexico City. JJAI have been part of the federal working groups in Mexico on juvenile justice reform and provided training to hundreds of juvenile justice operators across Mexico.


Juvenile Justice in International Law.

The Prohibition Against Torture and Cruel & Unusual Punishment in Youth Justice.
Adolescence and the Youth Justice System.
Suicide Prevention and Mental Health in the Youth Justice System.
Family Engagement in the Youth Justice System.
Pretrial Detention and Detention Screening Instruments.
Probation Practices and Individualized Plans for Youth Supervised in the Community.
Diversion from the Youth Justice System
Know-Your-Rights – the rights of children in detention and their family members.
Individualized Care and Programming in Detention Centers.
Standards and Best Practices in Detention Centers.
Developing an Environment of Respect – Youth and Detention Center Staff & Behavior Modification Programming.
Preventing Corruption in Youth Detention Centers.
Substance and Drug Abuse Treatment in Detention.

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