The Program for the Prevention and Reduction of Violence (PREVI) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), with whom we are collaborating for the Re-entry Services Project, visited us in Chihuahua and congratulated us for the work that was done in the region.

This project has been successfully implemented thanks to JJAI’s commitment to fulfill all the tasks that were established since its conception. The main goal of this collaboration is to support a positive reintegration process into society of the children who are exiting the criminal justice system.

This is a very important goal to us because it is directly impacting Chihuahuan society. This project, along with several others currently active in the country, is directly supervised by our National Project Director, Sarahí García, who regularly visits the sites of each of the projects.

Ms. Garcia mentioned, “it is very uplifting to see during these visits the great commitment of both JJAI’s team and of the system operators. The collaborative relationships we hold with the authorities have been evident since the beginning and everyone is invested in an improvement for the juvenile justice system.”