As part of the preparations for the piloting of the Services for Youth in Release Model and the Re-entry Services Project, we held a focus group with parents of the children who are interned at the CERTMI detention center in Durango.

On Sunday, August 21, the consulting psychologist of JJAI, carried out a workshop with the parents of the children, with the objective of identifying the needs of the families of children in conflict with the law, to know in depth the context in the State and adapt both projects to those needs. This will allow for an easier detection of the opportunity areas thus achieving an effective collaboration in monitoring the reintegration of children once they are no longer involved with the system.

September will see the next steps of this project, which will consist of a formal meeting with the authorities and a multidisciplinary team. In this meeting we will analyze the information provided by the first participatory groups, in order to later carry out an evaluation and modifications needed for the correct function of the project. Once all those steps are completed, the piloting will begin, starting with the training of the authorities involved in its execution.