Planning a visit to a detention center is often a difficult task for the parents of children in conflict with the law. Many of them come from poor communities that are very far from where the detention centers are located. Affording a trip to the detention center is not something they can easily contemplate.

On Sunday, August 21 a gathering was held for the families of the children living in the CERMI detention center, located in the fourth largest state of Mexico, Durango.

Two mothers traveled with their other children and one father traveled alone. Our Project Coordinator in Durango, Estefanía Acosta, gave information about JJAI’s projects and about the help we provide to families. She also distributed food and drinks to all attendees. Parents often bring food for their children during visiting days, but since they often cannot afford it it is very helpful when we are able to assist them this way.

It was a happy and fun time for the families while they ate pizza, cake and drank soft drinks. The parents participated in a workshop led by Melissa Hernández, PsyD. She led them through different activities where she was able to connect with them in order to get to know them, as well as the needs they have as a family, better.

These families are often stigmatized by society. All the processes that their children go through with the justice system are also suffered by them. It is common for parents to feel that they have failed when their children become involved with the justice system.