Through law-based statistics regarding the use and duration of preventive internment, the good figures regarding the completion of measures in freedom and the benefits produced by the projects of the Mobilize and Empower team, regarding the conditions of detention, we now present our Annual Diagnosis of the State of Durango, which comprehends up to the year 2021.

The report of this diagnosis took place in Durango state thanks to our project coordinator, Estefanía Acosta. Our national project director, Sarahi García, was present at the event which had the participation of local operators of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents of the Court for Juvenile Offenders, the General Directorate for the Implementation of Penalties, and the Specialized Center for Rehabilitation and Treatment for Juvenile Offenders..

On April 26, a quantitative analysis of the general data on crimes, the implementation of measures in freedom and internment, as well as on the process and its resolution in the State, was presented. This analysis was provided by the jurisdictional and administrative authority specialized in youths in conflict with the law, with the purpose of studying the exclusivity of preventive detention, the effectiveness of the process, the supervision of the measures on release, as well as the adequate conditions of detention of youths in Durango.

It was also possible to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and agreements were met on how to work together through the implementation and evaluation of JJAI’s projects in the region.