Part 4: Two boys, one seeing his mother for the first time in 11 months, one seeing his mother for the last time

Boy in detention's artwork

Boy in detention’s artwork

Olivia and Amanda returned from Chihuahua state on Monday after three very busy days with our Family Reunification Project – helping families visit their children in prison.  Each one has a story. Olivia and Amanda were incredibly affected by their stories. In particular, two boys.

One boy had not seen his mother in 11 months. She couldn’t believe we were actually going to pick her up from her remote village to visit her son. What would happen when they reunited?

Another boy who, due to misbehavior in the prison, had his visitation privileges revoked. But Olivia received a surprising call and this boy got to see his mother for one last time. What had happened that he would never see his mother again?

Two stories, one heartwarming and one heartbreaking.  These stories and more will be shared for the first time at our Annual Celebration. Come support this life-saving work!