JJAI visits Bolivia to talk about Mexico’s Juvenile Justice Reforms

Sarahi Garcia Martinez – National Project Director for JJI Mexico – shares in La Paz, Bolivia “I must clarify, this has been the experience in Mexico” I kept repeating such statement during my intervention at the International Conference on Restorative Justice for Juveniles in Conflict with the Law in La Paz, Bolivia. Our current statutes […]

Proposed Legal Reform to Limit Juvenile Pretrial Detention

(Video only available in Spanish) Last September 28th, Congressperson Victor Manuel Sanchez Orozco, of the Movimiento Ciudadano party, presented a legal reform to the National Juvenile Justice System Law in Mexico´s National Congress. Juvenile Justice Advocates has been working with Congressperson Clemente Castañeda Hoeflich and Congressperson Sanchez, this year to improve the juvenile justice system. […]