Re-Entry Services in Mexico City

February 21st, JJAI presented the Reentry Project in Mexico City. Our Reentry Services model has successfully helped over 100 children and their families receive post-detention supportsuch as food, education and psychological support – in Chihuahua.
Earlier in 2022 the Project began implementation in Durango State. Now, the authorities in Mexico City are exploring replicating the project in the largest jurisdiction in Mexico.

Mexico Director Joins Assessment Team in USA

Sarahi Garcia, JJAI’s National Director in Mexico, joined a juvenile detention assessment team in Vigo County, Indiana, part of a pilot project to redesign detention assessments in JDAI sites in the U.S. She will also be joining another team in Lake County, Indianat. This is JJAI’s first project in the U.S. to improve detention conditions, part of our partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


The Mexico National Time to Trial Working Group met for the first time in 2023 to continue their work. The Working Group focuses on eliminating unnecessary delays in case processes for children who are in pretrial detention. Pretrial detention should only be used for the shortest period of time possible, to limit the negative impacts on children. But delays often caused by a lack of coordination, extend the time children are locked up.

Judges from Chihuahua, Durango, Chiapas, and Campeche states joined. And for the first time, Mexico City participated in the virtual meeting lead by JJAI staff.

Volleyball Tournament

February 24th, Mexico City held their first inter-facility volleyball tournament. It was made possible because of a donation of 12 balls from JJAI’s Mobilize and Empower project.

Mobilize and Empower provides basic supplies to youth and their families, including for educational and recreational activities inside detention facilities.

Family Reunification

We completed two Familyn Reunifications in Mexico City in February. This is part of our Mobilize and Empower project that provides transportation to family members. We also held our first Family Committee meeting and presented a “Know Your Rights” workshop for families. Parents got questions answered and started on the road to advocating for their children.