This year’s Father’s Day at the Chihuahua Detention Center was unlike any other for some of the young fathers who live there. For Juan* it was his first Father’s Day ever. He was a young teenager when he had a baby with his girlfriend one-year before he was detained and subsequently taken into the detention center to complete a 3-year sentence.

When he was sentenced his first thoughts went to his newborn child: how that baby would live without a father during the first years of his life and how he would miss his baby’s first steps, first words and all the celebrations – he was completely devastated.

The young men who live in Chihuahua’s detention center were informed that this year those who had children could receive a special visit from their families during Father’s Day. Juan felt great joy when he heard the news. He would be able to see and hold his son, even if it was only for a short time. 

Juan ate pizza, had soft drinks and spent some time with his baby and his girlfriend. Before they knew it the visitation day was over. He was sad to say goodbye to his family but he kept it to himself. 

After the visitation Juan and another young man approached our representative in Chihuahua. JJAI provided transportation, as well as food and drinks for their families, and they were very thankful. They are hopeful that it will not be long before they get to see their children again and let them know that, even though they are far from them, they will always love them and care for them.