Juvenile Justice Advocates International is a Civil Association whose main interest is justice for adolescents in conflict with the law. The organization’s lines of work are aligned with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents regarding the use of detention as a last resort, under extreme circumstances and for the shortest time possible..

It is recognized that the reintegration of an adolescent begins at the time of arrest and is only successful in the absence of a recidivism. We are convinced that a comprehensive youth system is the conduit to promote successful reintegration and consequently impact public security.

JJAI and its Executive Director are part of the Advisory Committee of the Inter-institutional Group of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System.

The Advisory Committee accompanies the Inter-institutional Group process to generate mechanisms and strategies for the implementation of the National Law of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents. In particular, JJAI supports the federal entities in the development and implementation of the Risk Assessment Instrument, the Monitoring Instrument in Internment Centers and the Model of Accompaniment and Follow-up of Measures in Freedom.


Duration: 20 hours

  • Principles of justice for adolescents in light of International Law.
  • The prohibition of torture and cruel and inhuman treatment in the adolescent justice system.
  • Alternate exits in the adolescent justice system.
  • Know your rights – rights of adolescents deprived of liberty and their families.

Duration: 25 hours

  • Adolescence and the adolescent justice system.
  • Mutual respect environment – interactions between adolescents and staff in specialized centers and behavior modification programs.
  • Corruption prevention in specialized centers.

Duration: 30 hours

  • Treatment of substances and drug addicts in specialized centers.
  • Developing appropriate programming and individualized plans for adolescents deprived of liberty.

Duration: 35 hours

  • Precautionary measures and the evaluation of procedural risk

Duration: 50 hours

  • Suicide prevention and mental health care in the adolescent justice system.
  • Family involvement in the juvenile justice system.
  • Supervision of adolescents with non-custodial measures and individualized execution plans in the community.

Duration: 100 hours

  • Estandarización de buenas prácticas para centros de detención especializados

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