During our 2022 Annual Celebration I STAND WITH THEM, our team felt renewed as they met with dozens of friends and allies of the children in conflict with the law who joined our main fundraiser of the year. They helped us raise $24,000 dollars surpassing our goal and providing a foundation for our work in the coming year.

It has been two years since we last had an in-person event and we were so happy to see so many old friends, and new faces, that decided to gather for one night and learn more about how JJAI’s projects have changed the lives of so many children, and their families, in Latin America.

Most guests were curious about the way things are in Mexico post-pandemic, how things have been for the children living in detention, and for our team as well. We would like to say that everything was smooth sailing, but the reality is that, as difficult as it was everywhere else in the world, it was increasingly difficult in Mexico as well. Our team continued to work with passion, but unfortunately two of our offices in Mexico had to be closed.

For our team, being a part of the I STAND WITH THEM fundraiser was very important because it allowed us to meet, in-person, everyone who understands just how important and lifechanging  our work aiding children in conflict with the law is. Hearing from our friends, allies and donors that they too were worried about the safety of the children during the pandemic and seeing that the children’s stories compelled them to donate to our organization provided a boost of morale that we deeply needed after these past years.

Every single person who works, volunteers and collaborates with Juvenile Justice Advocates International believes in the protection of children’s human rights. They believe that great changes in the world can be made when people see a child in need and they step up to support them. We are so thankful for having created such a caring network of friends who will STAND WITH THEM. If you would like to continue helping us change children’s lives in Mexico and throughout Latin America during 2023, please visit: www.jjadvocates.org/2022-celebration/