There are 1.4 million children in prison right now around the world with devastating effects on their lives


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“The first time I entered a juvenile prison in Latin America, I was shocked how many of the kids were waiting months and months to see a judge. Most have no hope of being released for years. When they are finally released, they go back to their communities with no support system. Lagging behind in school with no work skills, they have few options. Locking up kids for petty offenses actually makes crime worse in the long run as lives are needlessly thrown away… “

In 2013, Douglas Keillor is a human rights attorney. In 2012, Douglas moved to Mexico City as a Fulbright-Garcia Robles Fellow to research juvenile detention. In 2013, he founded Juvenile Justice Advocates International.

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Pass Minnesota juvenile justice sentencing reform act

Juvenile Justice Advocates International urgently calls on the Minnesota State Legislature to adopt the Minnesota Juvenile Sentencing Reform Act (HF 1300/SF 1325) and for the Governor to sign the bill to end juvenile life without the possibility of parole in the state. The United States is the only country in the world where jurisdictions still […]

Reporte Anual 2023 JJI

Report Anual 2023

MOBILIZE AND EMPOWER: 445 JJAI seeks to minimize the deprivation of children’s liberty, protect their rights and promote positive youth development through policy advocacy, technical assistance and training, community engagement and family mobilization. We currently operate in 3 sites, Chihuahua, Durango and Mexico City. ALTERNATIVES TO DETENTION Our Alternatives to Detention project seeks to minimize […]

Newletter March 2023 JJAI –

Newsletter March 2023

Re-Entry Services in Mexico City February 21st, JJAI presented the Reentry Project in Mexico City. Our Reentry Services model has successfully helped over 100 children and their families receive post-detention supportsuch as food, education and psychological support – in Chihuahua.Earlier in 2022 the Project began implementation in Durango State. Now, the authorities in Mexico City […]

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Children in Pretrial Detention

This is the first international report, surveying 118 countries, dedicated to understanding how long children spend in pretrial detention.

Reducing Length of Child Pretrial Detention

Watch our live webinar from May 20th, 2019 on starting a global movement to reduce the time children spend in pretrial detention.