Día de Visita
The first time I entered the juvenile prison in Mexico City I sat in on a guitar class, a local musician gave volunteer lessons at the prison. Ten boys were practicing songs they had written themselves, and the lyrics were haunting…
Douglas Keillor

“Día de Visita” or Visiting Day, documents family life for teenagers locked up in pre-trial detention in Mexico. Satudays and Sundays parents can freely visit their children who have been arrested. Many also visit during the week if they can but some kids don’t receive any visitors because their parents can’t make the trip into the city, they don’t have any parents, or their parents don’t know they are locked up.

“Saturday and Sunday

Families hurry to see their kids

Trying to have a good time.

Even though it is just a short while

To be together even though they are locked up.

Because it’s the law.”

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